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Revolvd is a pop/rock/punk -band that was formed in 2014 by Ramo & Matti after dissolving their previous project. Aim from the get go was making catchy and melodic songs. Growing up listening bands like Green Day, Blink 182 & The Offspring, influences from those styles are clearly heard.

After intense months of song-writing first 5 songs were ready to be recorded late 2014. Band had only 2 members at the time so couple great session musicians came to help. Recording was finished January 2015 and two different releases were released in March with three songs and in June the last two. Ramo & Matti also wrote new songs all the time and did couple gigs with different people. Summer 2015 was time to record three new songs including first fully acoustic song. Band also filmed music video for that song that got recognised in different medias.

After couple tries, Revolvd finally found fitting members to join in early 2016. First was drummer Samuli, young prodigy with fills to fill even most cynical hearts. Few months after that, last piece of the puzzle joined in. Jani, seasoned veteran guitarist with fast fingers found his way to our practice. At last everything was in place and the band could start thinking more long term. One new song was recorded summer 2016 and plans for full album started.

Year 2016 went almost fully to write new songs for upcoming album. Couple gigs here and there but mostly writing. Late 2016 songs were completed and recordings scheduled to start in Feb 2017. Album is set to release in April 2018 and after that band is going to focus on shows with one set already in April.





Vocals / Guitar



Bass / Backup Vocals






All songs recorded & mixed by:
Janne Korpela



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